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With nearly any any remodel undertaken on a home that is more then a few years old you're likely to uncover problems that will need to be fixed as you do the remodel. The list expensive surprises is endless. Want to turn your attic into a guest bedroom? The insulation up there may contain asbestos, which will need to be professionally removed at significant expense. tearing out old drywall to enlarge a room can reveal wood beams and studs severely damaged by termites and other insects.

Remodeling a kitchen usually means taking a look at pipes leading from the main water supply on the street to your home. Some of those pipes themselves may contain lead. Given the concern over lead in drinking water, you'll likely want to replace any pipes containing any amount of lead. Replacing the water main to your home will not be cheap. And how about mold? Though the  direct links between mold and ill health remains controversial, especially with insurance companies, if you find mold behind a wall during a remodel chances are you'll want to get rid of it. You guessed it. That means spending more money.

However, making unexpected structural repairs only one of the many hidden cost of remodeling. If there is exterior work involved in your remodel , landscaping may be damage to the point where it needs replacing. Having a new roof can wreck havoc with landscaping close to the house no matter how careful the roofers are.

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